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I have been participating in various development programmes throughout my professional experience and must admit that the Workplace Inclusion Champion programme was one of the most impactful. It was beautifully organized by Dana Oancea, who is inclusive and thoughtful and has brought to live a community eager to grow and develop in the area of equity, diversity and inclusion. Together with the speakers, they’ve managed to create that safe space where everyone felt comfortable to share, ask those difficult questions and be vulnerable. I really appreciated the integrated learning journey that took us through all the important topics around DEI and brought light and understanding to what it really is, what is the impact, and what can we really do about it. And, maybe most important, it’s creating a platform at national level where we start powerful conversations and bring more awareness. Loved it!

Florentina Nițulescu, Global Employee Engagement Lead Heineken International

Participating in the Workplace Inclusion Champion was amazing. It’s not just a learning opportunity; it’s a program where participants feel encouraged and comfortable to interact and share their feelings. No other program I have experienced has provided me with such a broad knowledge, giving me the tools to approach this topic better. The added value came from the authenticity, high energy, and positive and thoughtful discussion during the sessions, from both the facilitators and colleagues. All the amazing personal experiences and stories really enhanced my perspective. Grateful that I was able to take part of it, the personal touch and communication style of each facilitator made the experience fulfilling.

Raluca Dumitru, HC Business Partner Tax, Legal & People, PwC

The WIC program brought clarity and structure. It enabled me to look at D&I from a more strategical perspective. I was mostly impressed with the focus the program brings on practical guidance and clear examples that help you understand and further on apply D&I concepts. I very much appreciated receiving the tools that would enable me to create in practice a robust D&I work-frame for my organization. At a more personal level I am happy to have met absolutely amazing colleagues that continuously challenge themselves as well as amazing facilitators and mentors that supported us. I definitely encourage anyone who is passionate about D&I to go through the Workplace Inclusion Champion program.

Ana-Maria Voicu Domsa, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, EY Romania

I had the privilege of being part of the first training group that accessed the Workplace Inclusion Champion Program. The level of knowledge of the trainers and the empathy, compassion and connectivity that was created during our follow up sessions were fantastic and proved once again how necessary were such knowledge sharing sessions! The materials provided were very well checked and accredited by different professionals around the world, bringing different perspectives, scientific studies and logical, economical and sociological arguments. I am very grateful for receiving this gift of knowledge and it already proved to be very useful in building a strong D&I strategy, plan and implementation! Thank you, Romanian Diversity Charter!

Adina Alionte, D&I Lead & COS Transformation Office & STX, Société Générale Global Solution Centre

The Workplace Inclusion Champion (WIC) provided me with the perfectly balanced combination of theoretical resources, practical tools and a well-structured mentorship framework. I liked the blended learning approach, as well as the fact that WIC addressed the most relevant/topical D&I subjects, from the interconnection between diversity and sustainability to gender equality. The program advocated for a strategic approach in driving the diversity agenda, at the same time offering guidance for tackling D&I issues in our companies. WIC trainers helped us to better understand the daily challenges of a person with disabilities or a minority representative and what makes a workplace really inclusive. Last but not least WIC and Romanian Diversity Charter helped us building a D&I community where Ambassadors and Diversity Experts across industries can share ideas, information and best practices.

Laura Badiu, Diversity Manager BCR

It was a fluid and natural journey among the D&I topics, near beautiful people who shared with passion and joy their achievements and ideas. I have learned a lot from their experiences, and I have acquired valuable knowledge from the seven blended-learning modules. The e-learning training modules are very well structured: areas of definitions, relevant examples and reports, study cases and recommendations for further reading. I have also appreciated the quizzes area that consolidates the info. Thank you for this extraordinary and complete learning experience!

Corina Frincu, Ethics & HR Processes Partner, Orange Romania

I am happy for the opportunity of being part in first edition of Workplace Inclusion Champion program designed by Carta Diversitatii. This program is one of the most meaningful trainings I had and helped me learn and understand the complexity of D&I, one of the best learning experiences. I highly recommend it, not only because it covers all aspects of D&I, it has outstanding resources that can be used and comes with relevant examples, but also because after each module we had workshops with a specialist on the topic. A lot of meaningful insights, a lot of sharing between the participants. I perceived it more than a training but as a first step of being part of a community, sharing experience, helping each other.

Laura Popa, CSR Coordinator, Edenred Romania

Being part of the Workplace Inclusion Champion has been a tremendously exciting journey, from the beginning to the end, due to the way the entire pathway was built – being able to have various topics from the D&I environment as a learning focus provided a broader perspective to what D&I actually stands for, benefitting of a blended learning approach, with an online platform where we could explore the content ourselves, then having regular meet-ups with the Champions community really strengthened the learning and adoption phase of the new elements. In addition to that, having a final assignment that would encompass everything we have learned throughout the program, and translating everything into a practical strategy complemented nicely the entire journey.

Ana-Maria Alecu, T&OD Lead CZ, SK, HU Cluster, Philip Morris International

The Workplace Inclusion Champion program was an useful experience for myself, as a Communication professional, and also as an individual interested in D&I topics. The program combines very well the theoretical aspects of D&I (with lots of insightful studies and statistics) with a more practical approach, as each module finalized with an interactive workshop. The best part of the program was learning from the other more experienced participants and from the facilitators and mentors, who shared their best practices and experiences regarding the discussed topics. I am glad I had the opportunity to take part in the first edition of the program and to meet such an interesting and wonderful community of professionals dedicated to bringing D&I closer to all of us.

Miruna Vrinceanu, Interal Communication Specialist, Zentiva

Workplace Inclusion Champion is one of the most interesting training programs I have participated in. It ensures the perfect mix of information, case studies, experiences, speakers and combines very well the ways of learning: online supports, videos, meetings. Besides the very good structuring of the training modules, I had the opportunity to share with my colleagues in charge of D&I topics from other companies in Romania the good practices. Thank you very much to Dana Oancea for this program due to which I feel today more prepared to approach in my company the D&I topics.

Georgiana Flamindu, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Renault Group Romania


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