Final Project


The strategy of equal inclusion of people with disabilities is part of the strategy of managing diversity in the workplace and in the work environment.

Before you start developing a strategy, it is important that you do a self-assessment, self-evaluation or analysis of the situation in the field of equal inclusion of persons with disabilities within your organization.

We suggest that together with colleagues and management or. for this purpose, a team formed in your organization, review all issues, discuss them, write down the main findings and, based on the results of the self-assessment, decide which area you will pay more attention to in the future. Form concrete goals and state concrete measures and activities to achieve these goals.

The questions will guide you to research the situation in your company, record the findings and formulate concrete intentions, goals , measures and activities.

If you already have this type of strategy in your company, you may only need to upgrade it a bit, possibly change your priorities, add a new goal or measure.

Some of you will start from the very beginning, by analysing the situation and writing down the first goals and steps towards achieving them.

However, you will all do this together with your colleagues and management and with the help of the training module and our mentors.

And what is certainly true of any strategy –  is that – it is changing, that it is responsive and adaptable, and that it is useful and effective only as long as every day, we all work together to implement all the commitments and agreements we have made.

We wish you a lot of success and satisfaction in creating an accessible and inclusive work environment!

* If you choose the module Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities as the main project task, then you will make a thorough and structured self-assessment in the organization through all questions and choose at least 1 goal in all areas and all necessary measures and activities to achieve the goal. In addition, you can complete a self-assessment questionnaire from the International Labour Organization 

The minimum standard for training participants is to make a self-assessment together with colleagues in the form of a focus group, jointly (for all areas) select at least 1 goal and all the necessary measures and activities to achieve the goal.

Project assignment: Module 5

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