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Diversity as a key to unlocking sustainability

This module has been designed to give learners an understanding of the key elements of sustainability and diversity theories.


Mentoring for D&I

Mentoring is one of the few strategies that research has proven to be effective in improving the representation of diverse employees in the workforce.

Fostering D&I through communication

Participants will learn how communication can support an inclusive culture, and practical tools to help day-to-day engagement with diverse audiences.

Gender Equality

This module provides participants with the knowledge, skills and values to contribute to the effective implementation of gender strategies in their organizations.

Inclusion of people with disabilities

This module has been designed to give participants the knowledge and understanding of the key elements of the equal inclusion of people with disabilities.


LGBTIQ+ Inclusion

This module educates participants about LGBTIQ+ communities and the challenges employees who identify as LGBTIQ+ may face at work.

Age Diversity

his module has been designed to help organizations to manage age diversity among employees, bringing out the advantages that age-diversity workforces confer on organizations.

Project Assignments

On this page you may find 7 different assignments corresponding to each of the 7 topics covered by this program. You must complete 1 assignment as a precondition to obtain the program certification.

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